Compex meets Nicole Warburg Mackenzie

Compex meets Nicole Warburg Mackenzie April 10, 2019Leave a comment

Compex: Hey Nicole, it’s great to see you! Please could you tell the Compex audience a bit about yourself? What’s your background?

Nicole: I was born in KZN. My love for sport started from a young age. I have been very active all my life and always loved new challenges and competing. I enjoy seeing what my body is capable of doing when I put my mind to something and give it my 100% focus. I have an Honors Degree in Biokinetics. I am a Wife, mom of 2 and a trainer at the Constantia Virgin Active in Cape Town.

Compex: That’s great. Tell us how you got into sport?

Nicole: I have been involved in a number of sporting codes. I was a gymnast from the age of 4 till about 13. This is where my love for sport and movement of the human body started. This lay a phenomenal foundation for all I have done since then. At school I was a SA schools Hockey player. In varsity I started competing in IFBB, Fitness Division and went to Worlds and the Amateur Olympia. I decided to try powerlifting and I got a South African record in powerlifting and last year I competed at the Reebok Crossfit Games in Madison which really was a phenomenal experience!

Compex: Wow, it sounds like an amazing experience! You are obviously an amazing athlete. How did you come across Compex and how does it benefit you?

Nicole: Compex is really is the absolute secret to my recovery… I borrowed one from a friend when I was training for the CrossFit Regional’s last year and I honestly couldn’t believe the benefit I got from it!


Compex: Good to hear! Which programme/s do you use?

Nicole: Depending on how my body is feeling, I generally make use of the recovery and strength protocols

Compex: Any last words you would like the audience to know?

Nicole: I am always looking for ways to help me get the most out of my training and help find ways to maximise my recovery as my time is very limited. Like many people out there, I believe the only way to achieve your goals is through hard work and dedication! I was very sceptical when I came across the Compex and had my doubts. But the results have been overwhelming! I recover faster. I am able to train harder and more often and I have never felt better. Its an absolute must have for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and physical well-being as well as those wanting to improve their performance. I find it very easy to use and extremely convenient as I can put it on when it suits me.

Compex: That’s awesome. Thanks so much, Nicole! We wish you everything of the best and hope to chat again soon.

Nicole: Pleasure! Thanks guys.

Photo Credit: Daniel Stevenson (@daniels_imagerie)

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